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ICASE Conference 2015

   The Special Issue : International Conference on Applied Science and Engineering 2015 is now published.

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   The last issue : Vol.5 No.1 (2016) January - March is now online.

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Vol 5, No 1 (2016) January-March

An ab initio dynamic study of H2COH -->H3CO and SiH4-->SiH2+H2 reactions
Esma Eryilmaz, Ercan Turkkan, Ayhan Ozmen
An Important Source of Uncertainty: Modeller
Suzan Gazioglu, E Marian Scott
Comparison of Approximate Bayes Estimators under different loss functions for Parameters of Odd Weibull Distribution
Gulcan Gencer, Bugra Saracoglu
The Effects Of Metacognitive And Web Based Metacognitive Methods Students Understanding Levels In Heredity And Cell Division Issue
Abdulkadir Ozkaya, Mustafa Aydogdu, Ilhan Cagiran